Top 10 new terminologies every meeting planner needs to know.

A while back we addressed the top terminologies every meeting planners needs to know. Not much time has passed and a handful of new words have snuck into our professional vernacular. Today we are adding 10 new terminologies every planner needs to add to their arsenal.

1. Engagement
Surely perhaps one of the most used new words amongst meeting planners. Engagement means connecting attendees with each other, a cause, brand or organization using a variety of technologies or apps. It is building meaningful connections that outlive the event. Engagement is about adding value for your participants.

2. Gamification
Is the use of elements of game playing to encourage attendees to interact with each other, with a product, sponsor, exhibitor or destination. Games are used to motivate attendees to achieve a goal.

Second Screen Event Technology Eventinterface

3. Second-Screen Technology
Second-screen technology involves the use of a mobile device, tablet, even a laptop computer to enhance the participation experience at a conference or meeting, allowing the attendee to interact with content, view materials and participate in discussions alongside a speaker’s presentation. Eventinterface invites attendees to engage with content and speakers using this technology.

Stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. It refers to a small chip carrying limited data, such as attendee name, registration type and contact details. This technology can be used on name badges to track attendee participation is sessions, allow scanners to allow or not allow access to sessions.

5. iBeacon
Created by Apple, iBeacon is a technology that allows mobile apps running iOS and Android to listen for signals from beacons placed around a tradeshow or conference. Attendees using an app can be sent content based on location. This technology also allows meeting planners to track attendee movement and participation providing valuable behavioral data for sponsors, exhibitors and venue.

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6. Intelligent Flooring/Smart Flooring
The intelligent or smart floor is designed to identify and track attendees around a space. It can also be used to track arrivals and departures out of sessions, exhibit halls and workshops again providing valuable behavioral data.

7. Apps
An app, short for application, is downloaded onto the mobile device of the attendee.  There are hundreds of event related apps on the market. There are gamification apps, registration, engagement and content apps.

8. Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes computer-generated content on what the attendee sees in person. For example, an attendee can be looking at a car in an exhibit. Using his or her mobile device, scan a QR Code and additional information; sound, video and details appear on the device, enhancing the overall experience. Augmented reality used in combination with iBeacons can provide a truly immersive experience for attendees.

9. Virtual Reality or VR
Virtual reality is a fully computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment the attendee can interact with. Virtual reality requires special equipment such as a VR headset and possible gloves or other accessories outfitted with sensors to enhance the overall VR experience.

Wearable Event Tech Eventinterface

10. Wearable Tech
Wearable technologies are the devices to be worn by the attendee and often include tracking information related to health and fitness. Wearable tech is generally linked to your mobile device and can assist with reminders, content sharing and gamification.

Did we miss something? Share your words and their meaning in the comment section below. 

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