Sustainability, what does it mean for your conferences and events?

On this episode of Event TALK, we are speaking with Julia Spangler a Sustainable Events Consultant with 6 years of corporate event experience. She has experience working on multi-day customer appreciation events, educational seminars and social events. She has won the International Live Events Association awards in Marketing Design in 2014,15 and 16 for her design suites for Baldwin & Lyons Race Weekend. She is the Editor in Chief of Fair for All Guide, a blog focused on the pursuit of a connected and responsible life.

Julia has combined a love of events with a passion for the environment, and in 2015 began to offer sustainability consulting services to the events industry.

Today, we are speaking with Julia on how Meeting and Event Professionals can make their projects sustainable and what this means to the success story of these events.

Listen to show host Al Wynant and guest Julia Spangler discuss the following:

  • How we should interpret “sustainability” in the context of the meetings and event industry?
  • “Green events” used to be an overused term. Sustainability obviously plays a part in making events environmentally friendly. How do you see sustainability play a role outside of that narrower context?  
  • For meeting planners who have never thought about sustainability, what are the areas of an event that could be most easily transformed and how?
  • On the other side, for meeting planners who are keenly aware of sustainable practices, how should they communicate their desires with the vendors and venues they seek to do business with?
  • How can a meeting planner evaluate or measure the success of their efforts?
  • What are your top three tips planners should keep in mind when developing a sustainability strategy for their meetings and events?


Julia Spangler
Phone: (217) 251.0348

How to implement hybrid event strategies for your meetings and conferences.
Planning the audience experience and PR for your events.

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