How Do You Measure The Success Of An Event In The Nonprofit World?

Phoenix-based event planner Daniel Duran, the Events Coordinator with the Arizona Charter School Association joins Event TALK to talk about how to measure the success of an event in the nonprofit world.

Listen to host Eric Dye and Daniel Duran discuss the following:

- As we’re discussing vision and measuring success of an event in the nonprofit world, can you share with us briefly what your experience is with this topic?

- Lets get the missteps out of the way right up front. What are some of the biggest mistakes that can be made when looking at an event calendar as well as the planning of an event?

- We’ve talked about goal setting on other shows, but once you know what your end result needs to be, what do we need to look at in the organization to help achieve that goal?

- Now how do you engage your community in the planning and execution of your events?

- When talking about the success of an event, what is it exactly that should or could be measured?

- What are your top 3 tips for planners to consider as they plan their events for nonprofits?


About our guest:

Daniel Duran, Events Coordinator for the Arizona Charter Schools Association has been in the event planning field for a decade. His time has worked on events of all sizes for numerous nonprofits. He has worked in catering and conference services in the hotel industry, and owns an event planning company focused on weddings and social events. Daniel’s heart lies in serving people and working in the nonprofit sector, which has led him to the Arizona Charter Schools Association, a nonprofit based in Phoenix, Arizona, supporting, advocating and leading the way on the mission of student equity in Arizona.

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