Food Trucks Aplenty

When Creative Destinations Las Vegas launched in December they forewent the use of traditional buffets and passed hors d’oeuvres. The company in partnership with Encore Creative set up a food truck court serving a sampling of food from all over the world. The event was a hit with their audience.

Creative Destinations Las Vegas Launch Event

The Phoenix Art Museum scattered gourmet food trucks amongst private jets at the Scottsdale Airport for the kick-off event of their annual fundraising gala last year. Attendees were served gourmet lobster rolls, crème Brule and other delicious nibbles. The event was in contrast to the formal atmosphere of the gala and was great fun.

Phoenix Art Museum pARTy kick off event

Many cities now offer food truck alliances; you can even book your food trucks online for your events at sites like The site lets you find and book your favorite food trucks and food carts for your events.

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Creative Destinations Las Vegas photo courtesy of Encore Creative
Phoenix Art Museum event photo courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum