Electrify Your Events

As planners we are always on the lookout for ideas that engage attendees, capture their attention and have them spend more time in our tradeshow booths. An Arizona-based company may just have found a tool to do all this and more.

Alternative Sustainable Energy – ASE has developed bicycle generators for events or personal energy preparedness that you can rent or purchase. Earlier this fall, NBC used 80 bike generators to power the Manhattan, NY screening of the television show “Revolution”.

It's an unspoken world record- 80 bike generators directly powering anything is huge. 80 Rental Pedal Generators, four 1000kw batteries (600 lbs of AMPS) and an inverter that filters the dirty DC power generated into clean-usable energy. It took about three months to plan & build. Not only did the 80 bikes produce up to 4kw DC each hour but the power was cleaned up to 240v- the added ability to clean the bike power to 220v/240v means that we can power anything, small or large- world wide- from pure human power.” said Brooks Maschmeier- CEO of ASE.

Event planners have rented or purchased ASE’s bicycle generators and hand crank generators to engage interested participants in events. These participants power their own phone, energize displays or can even power the entire booth without producing any fumes. The result is that participants who accessed the booths with bike generator augmentations spent a longer time at the booths because it engages the user to sit and actively participate. 


Pedal powered bicycle generators have come a long way to produce more power. Older bicycle generators were unwieldy, hard to set up, loud and produced little power. They were typically used in a single-application like running a small light bulb and the friction that engaged the electric motor heavily slowed the rider down.

ASE has overcome many of these obstacles through redesigning the bicycle generator in their Phoenix, AZ facility. ASE bicycle generators are manufactured with local metals to safely enclose and dampen noise. This new generation of bike generators can produce up to 300watts DC per hour, per person. Although the amount of energy produced from the bike is dependent on the rider, the maximum any human can steadily make is up to 300watts.


The new designs of bicycle generators are great for events because you can create clean energy anywhere. You can produce usable energy indoors or out or in rugged terrain to power displays, booth lighting, to recharge cell phones, laptops or to be combined to run larger items like speakers and DJ booths.

You can even power ASE’s entertaining educational equipment displays, which are specially designed to work with bicycle generators. Examples of ASE entertaining educational equipment is their light-boxes that compare bulbs, human powered slot-car sets or multi-person bicycle generator driven PC packages- including group racing games. The ASE staff has noticed that participants of their entertaining educational equipment displays produce more power because the riders are entertained and pedal consistently for longer durations.

ASE’s power systems are all plug-and-play that work with both ASE bicycle generators and ASE solar panels, simply plug the twist lock wires into the devices being used. With ASE power equipment you can mix-and-match bicycle generators, hand crank generators and solar panel generators together to produce more power. 

To learn more about ASE visit their website here

- Al Wynant

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