A Better Way to Serve Premium Wine to Your Event Attendees

Millennials now make up the number one wine-drinking consumer segment in the United States, a number estimated at over 90 million. Sustainability too is an important consideration for this group. They appear to be the first generation willing to spend more on sustainable products. Companies, services and events wanting to attract this group will need to make a conscious effort to succeed by providing high-quality and sustainable products.

A company that prides itself on being at the forefront of cultural trends, Interscope seeks to serve this generation in a way that is cutting-edge and different. They have teamed up with StackTek, developers of a patented revolutionary single-serve package, in delivering ready-to-drink premium-quality wine, served in its own on the go container mirrored after the Reidel stemless glass.

Electric Sky Wine Pinot Grigio Wine for Events at Eventinterface NewsThe company’s Electric Sky Wine Pinot Grigio, Rosé, and California Red Blend were the exclusive wines sold at Governors Ball music festival in New York, Bonnaroo in Tennessee, and Mamby on the Beach in Chicago earlier this summer. The wine too has been building a word-of-mouth buzz by appearing at tastemaker music-industry events, including recent shows with Jack Garratt, Arty, MGK, and more.

Served in a lightweight, shatterproof and eco-friendly package, designed to look and feel like glassware, Electric Sky provides meeting and event planners convenience without compromising quality or image. The premium-quality, single-serve wines can be enjoyed safely and without waste at any type of event. “750 ml glass bottles at concerts, festivals and events just aren’t the most efficient way to serve consumers today,” shared Daniel Sena, Interscope’s head of strategic marketing. “The portability of the stackable packaging allows consumers to take the wine with them and consume it where and when they want. At festivals and events, this improves upon the antiquated practice of having bartenders uncork a bottle and eyeball a pour, then consumers being forced to navigate crowds with open containers. Our product solves those problems.”

We tested out the three varieties here at Eventinterface. Not only were they of excellent quality, our team liked the ready-to-drink format, and that the wines were sourced from vineyards that are environmentally responsible. There were no half-empty bottles remaining after the event, resulting in no wine waste. The glasses were later recycled and reused.  

Electric Sky Wine will continue to roll out new varietals in the coming months. To learn more about Electric Sky Wine and bring it to your event, visit: http://www.electricskywine.com.

Lead in photograph courtesy of Electric Sky Wine, Mamby on the Beach, Chicago.

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