5 Tips For Using Twitter To Promote Your Events

We’re sharing tips that will make incorporating Twitter for your event marketing a breeze.

1. Create a custom hashtag (it’s the #)

As soon as you start the planning process create a hashtag that will be used for your event or meeting. Use it when you Tweet about your event, share it with attendees and encourage use pre- during and post-event. Keep it short and easy to remember.

Click here to read an informative post by Twitter about creating hashtags.

2. Assign someone to monitor

Once you have created your hashtag and start using Twitter for your meeting or event it is important to monitor Tweets. Set up a TweetDeck account and follow the use of your hashtags.

3. Promote and follow

Check your registrant list and start following them from the conference Twitter account. Promote the use of your event hashtag on your event materials and other social media outlets, and invite participants to engage in the pre-event conversation. Also, follow anyone who uses your hashtag.

4. Think before you Tweet

Use your 140 characters wisely. Think about your message and read it twice before blasting it out. Think before you Tweet! 

5. Share updates

Post meaningful updates to your followers. Announce new speakers, program highlights and deadlines. Hashtag speaker names and other meaningful announcements, doing so may get you discovered by people interested in your program’s topics.

What are your tips to using Twitter for your events and meetings? Share with us @Eventinterface.