5 Reasons To Use a Coworking Venue for Your Event

The coworking bug has spread to the events arena with many spaces opening their doors as potential event venues.

It is an increasingly popular option for the flexible worker generation. These open plan spaces let freelancers and businesses rent a desk or dedicated office on a casual basis. In return, the coworkers get a professional work environment, without the cost of a fixed rental agreement.

These flexible spaces don’t just offer an aesthetically pleasing venue for your event, you’ll also get access to their community and amenities.

Here are five reasons to consider using such a space as a venue for your next event:

1. You’ll get access to a ready-made community
The communities housed in coworking spaces bring an instant audience to your event that you may otherwise not get access to. These people can present many different opportunities to your event, and your business.

You’ll need to speak with the space’s management team, but they will usually reach out to their community on your behalf. For example, some spaces will put up flyers to advertise directly to its in-house community and some will use their website, social media channels, newsletters or blogs to tell people about your event. It’s a great way to market your event without even trying.

2. It’s easy to find your fit
Every space has been carefully curated to create the right atmosphere. Some are highly professional in their look and feel; others offer a more bohemian vibe. It depends on what image you want to portray for your event and business, but there are plenty to choose from.

Some spaces also specialize in specific sectors. For example, The Farm is a unique event space in New York City that is also co-branded as Blueprint Health, which is a startup accelerator supporting companies working in the health and technology sectors. Sancar Ayalp, head of partnerships and business development, at The Farm, said: “We host a huge range of events but our community of tech and healthcare-focused companies really bring a new level of interaction into events focused on this sector.”

3. The spaces look incredible...
Most spaces are housed in unusual locations, be that an airy loft in the center of the city or a renovated warehouse on its outskirts. The result is a visually stunning space to give your event the “wow” factor. 

NYC-based The Farm coworking space for events featured on Eventinterface
NYC-based The Farm’s main space, featuring 1,500 square feet of beautifully designed rustic event space, complete with elevated DJ booth and much more.

Such stunning surroundings can inspire your attendees to produce a more dynamic event, as Julian Jost, co-founder and CEO of Spacebase, said: “Coworking spaces are the perfect surrounding for corporate meetings. I hear from many clients that the creative and dynamic vibe inspires their employees to be more open and contributive during meetings.”

4. ...and the spaces are highly practical
It’s not just about looking good, a space will also offer a range of amenities for your event. From projection kits to lighting and state-of-the-art sound systems, it’s all there and usually set up prior to your arrival.

They are also a highly versatile options. You can choose from a range of spaces, whether you want an intimate meeting room or a grander conference location, and there is usually plenty of space for breakout areas. Such spaces will adapt to the needs of your event.

5. It could open your eyes to a different way of working
Scoping out different spaces for an event could also open your eyes to the concept of coworking. Sancar said: “Many people come to us looking for an event venue and end up working here, which is great!  Others use our event space regularly to conduct meetings in a different environment and just get out of the office.”

This is the true beauty of coworking spaces. Whether you choose to work there or run an event, the lifeblood of these spaces is their flexibility and versatility. They are used to adapting to the needs of their community and, therefore, can respond to the exact needs of your event.

If you fancy giving one a go, speak to a space’s community manager and organize an on-site visit. The coworking bug could hit you before you know it.

Article by freelance writer Gemma Church.