Simply The Wrong Path

At EventInterface we have a policy of not getting involved in politics. This week however we feel a need to speak out after the decision by our state’s leadership to put forward Arizona’s Senate Bill 1062 religious refusal of service measure.

Governor Brewer wants to make Arizona a place technology companies want to flock to and we think that’s a splendid idea. We look forward for our state to become a place that attracts business and talent. It is therefore that we are flabbergasted by this move, and as human beings we find this move to allow discrimination based on religious beliefs dreadful. This move will make it harder for our company to attract the talent we need to succeed, and make it even harder to defend the state to the meetings and event industry, an industry we serve. We are still recovering from the controversy surrounding SB1070. This is not helping us!

We assume that our lawmakers want to create the best state possible, and leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren. It is time we put our fears and ignorance aside and work together to create a great state for all people. We’re happy to do our part. We ask that Governor Brewer veto SB1062 it’s the only sensible thing to do.

The Eventinterface Team