How Can Law Firms Increase Attendance at Events?

Hosting an event can be a great way for law firms to attract clientele, contribute to the local community, and make new connections and partnerships which could benefit them in the future.

To find out how you can increase attendance at your events and ensure that they are as successful as possible, read on for some top tips that will work for every law firm.


Advertising online is one of the best ways to connect with a large number of potential attendees at once, allowing you to target those who might be interested in creating easily shareable content across a number of platforms. The basis of this online advertising is through content marketing, which will allow you to create knowledgeable and informative posts that will give your audience a flavor of your expertise. This will, in turn, advertise your event in a convincing and persuasive manner.

Companies such as can help you to construct effective content marketing campaigns that can promote and draw potential clients to your event.


You can also attract clients to your event by getting the media involved, as this will help to create anticipation and a certain amount of buzz. You can do this by contacting newspapers and periodicals in your area, or by sending press releases to interested parties, with the request of promoting your event in their paper. This is especially important in attracting a number of already established and previous clients in your local area, allowing them to get wind of the event and potentially invite other attendees. Getting the media involved is sure to cause a stir and hype up the event to come.


Another way to gain attendees is to send out personalized invitations to your loyal customers, those on your newsletter list, as well as other businesses and entrepreneurs that you believe may be interested. Sending personalized communications to clients, such as those that address receivers individually will encourage attendees to read the email, at the same time making them feel valued for what they could individually contribute to your event.


If you have a relatively small audience, the best option for you may be to collaborate with other businesses in your area, with the aim of being able to combine audiences in order to increase the rates of attendance. Not only this, but collaborating with other businesses will allow you to expand your event and the marketing of it by doubling the capital that you have available to make the event a success.


The one thing that will attract clientele who may not otherwise be interested in your event, is to invest in an inspiration speaker that will discuss subjects of general interest to your target audience. With this then, individuals will be more likely to attend your event solely in order to see the specified speaker and attend the talks that you have on offer, especially if they are renowned in the legal industry.