Hiring A Video Production Company For Your Event.

You need a video to promote your conference, film your keynote speaker. Maybe you want a highlights reel of your event. There are many options, pricing seems all over the map. Hiring a video production company may seem daunting. Where do you start? What questions should you ask? What information do you need to bring to the table when meeting with a production house?

We sat down with Shane Sandler, Founder and CEO of INCOMING! Productions, LLC, who shared his top tips for someone to consider when hiring a video production company.

TIP 1: Be clear on purpose and type of video. 

What type of video do you want? What is the purpose of your video?

Be clear on what you are looking for. Do you need a one-minute explainer video or teaser? Do you want to film your speakers and share these presentations after the event? How will the media be used afterwards? When will you need the finished product?

TIP 2: Articulate your vision with examples.

It is always helpful to a production company if you can share some examples of videos that represent the concept or feel of the video you want. Visual representations will put clarity around the creative process. It will also help the production company understand what the desired production values are, and how involved the production may need to become. Planners may present great inspiration videos, however after speaking with the production house realize the cost of creating the type of video based on the example may not be in the budget. The production house can recommend alternatives.

TIP 3: Defining your budget.

It is critical to understand how much you are willing to spend on a video. You do get what you pay for. It is helpful for the production house to understand the number you want to stay within. This will help them build a realistic proposal, or you may realize that the anticipated video may not fit in the desired budget.

During negotiation find out how you will be billed. Is it on a project basis, most commonly used by larger production houses? Is it hourly for filming, and per minute for editing, or per second for animation? What is, and what is not included in the proposal or estimate? Get a good understanding of the implications of change orders, additional edit costs and reshoots.

TIP 4: What’s your style?

Understand your production company’s style. Does it align with the style you are looking for? Independent production companies are mostly small shops driven by the creative vision of a small team. Most small production companies have their own distinct style. Finding out is easy. Many showcase previous work on their websites and you will see a style emerge when browsing their portfolio. Does their style meet your brand guidelines?

TIP 5: Understanding the editing process.

When editing is required it is standard to receive a rough draft of the video to review overall style and concept before going into final edit. Most companies will provide you with the rough draft, a cleaned up version and the final version as part of the quoted price. Planners must have a good understanding what is included and the implications of additional edits on budget and delivery date of the finished video.

Shane Sandler started INCOMING! Productions, LLC in 2011. He holds a Master Degree in Management from Arizona State University. Shane’s favorite shoots have been behind the scenes at concerts, and skydiving events. You can reach Shane at 602-432-3781. His website is INCOMINGproductions.com