Enhancing Conference Engagement Using Technology

Conferences and events are about creating communities. It is about engaging people in meaningful ways around a topic they are passionate about.

Have you attended a conference lately? It is a surreal experience, hundreds, even thousands of people in one location, many focused on their electronic devices and not the people around them. Technology can do amazing things for conferences, in this post we are looking at how technology, especially Eventinterface, can help planners create communities and engage their audiences pre-, during and post-conference.  It is about using technology pre-event to enhance face-to-face engagement at the conference.


Each conference brings together a group of people who care about a specific topic or cause. They are there to learn, present or network. Most attendees walk away from the event with new ideas and a stack of business cards gathered between sessions. Back home, they may forget about these new connections, and it is rare for long-term and meaningful relationships to be created out of these brief conversations.

Technologies are now available for planners to create communities around their events. Safe places for registered attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors to interact with each other pre-, during and post-event. A place for attendees to schedule face-to-face meetings during the event and communicate post-event.

Many professional conversations should not be held on public social media sites due to the nature of the content. Closed communities available to event stakeholders after an event allow for meaningful conversation among individuals who are interested in discussing a topic in the secure environment.  Eventinterface allows planners to easily create communities around conferences. It allows for individuals to continue their in-person communications online after the event has ended.

These communities too will help planners learn more about their attendees and help create even better conferences in the future.


Speakers come to your event to speak about a specific topic. Speakers could tailor their conversations to the audience if they knew what the audience really wanted to learn. Planners do not always have an excellent grasp on the needs of the audience. Why not ask registered attendees what they want to learn from the speaker?

Speakers and planners can monitor the conversation and deliver a talk that is superbly fitted to the audience.

For events with very large audiences, the same tools could be used onsite to pose questions of the speaker, giving all attendees an opportunity to participate in the conversation. Again Eventinterface allows for this.


Planners can add value to conferences by making available access to registered attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors to all stakeholders who have signed up. Individuals can reach out to each other pre-event and schedule meetings during the event.  Sponsors and exhibitors can connect with attendees, and attendees can reach out to sponsors and exhibitors to learn more about their product and services. This is an enormously valuable proposition that can generate a boost in early registrations and generate additional revenue associated with this level of access from sponsors and exhibitors. Eventinterface too includes these functionalities.


Embracing technology to facilitate conversation, face-to-face engagement and creating communities leads to higher participation, improved programs, and up to 30% more event revenue. Eventinterface offers all of these services as part of our event management, registration and attendee engagement software. More here