Color Matters

Selecting colors for your event can be an arduous experience. Is the choice of colors reflective of your brand or more of a personal fondness for a specific color? I love blue, and the many blue shirts in my closet are an attest to that. For events however I look for inspiration in the brand, learn the emotions the client wants the attendee to experience. Color plays a significant role in creating an atmosphere. Together with scent, sound and touch it is part of telling the story, creating emotions and connections.

So how do you choose colors?

The event industry is driven by trends, but the color of the season may not be the right one for your brand. I start by understanding the message the client wants to convey, then the audience. Then I put myself in the attendees’ shoes, mentally walk through the event and picture what it could look, feel, sound and smell like. Different colors evoke different reactions. Based on that mental picture, I find colors that connect with that emotion.   

Now what do colors mean and how do they work together?

There are cool colors, warm and neutral colors. Cool colors tend to feel impersonal, but mixed it with a color from another group will add warmth. Warm colors are energizing; adding colors from another group will balance this. Neutral colors offer a great base for the cool or warm colors. Stand-alone they can offer a calming and elegant background.

Lets look at some colors.

Cool Colors:
Blue: security, intelligence, loyalty, coldness, masculine.
Purple: royalty, ambition, mystery, spirituality.
Green: money, healing, fertility, fresh, envy.
Turquoise: healing, sophisticated, spiritual, femininity.
Silver: glamour, sleek, high tech, dreamer.

Warm Colors:
Red: love, passion, heat, danger, strength, danger.
Pink: feminine, sweet, playful, weak, compassion.
Orange: confidence, success, ignorance, courage, sluggishness.
Yellow: bright, energy, unstable, sun, intellect, happy.
Gold: wealth, greed, traditional, dreamer, valuable.

Neutral Colors:
Brown: friendly, earth, conservative, longevity.
Tan: dependable, crisp, boring, conservative.
Black: protection, dramatic, death, mystery, formal.
Gray: security, solid, intelligence, sad, gloomy.
White: innocence, purity, fresh, clean, winter, cold, distant.