5 Top Tips To Help You Organize A Conference in Singapore

Location and venue play an important part in the site selection process for a conference or event. In Asia, Singapore is proud to be the top destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events, or MICE organizers across the world, having won the top convention city designation by the International Congress and Convention Association, ICCA for 12 years running.

Singapore-based conference planner Vivien Hoe with TripleV, shares her top tips for those considering Singapore as a destination.


Singapore has 4 main nationalities namely Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian, thus it is has multiple religions and varied customs. When planning  a conference, do consider the customs of the nationalities. For example, you should include local foods for your delegates, and due to its heritage, Singapore offers a stunning array of local and regional foods.

English is the default language and almost all Singaporean are bilingual so communication do not pose an issue . While many websites would share that Singlish is a Singaporean language, most Singaporean speak proper English and Singlish is not spoken frequently.


Finding an event venue is a rather tedious process and most of the time planners depend on the information shown on venue website. Unless you have a representative or planning partner based in the country who can ensure that the event venue meets the requirement, it is likely the organizer will encounter space constraints and unnecessary issues later into the planning process.

Check out the event venue’s booking condition and costings as some venues in Singapore charges for every single item like Wi-Fi and power outlets.


If you are planning a major conference and considering the display of street banners along the major business districts in Singapore, you will be required to apply for permits if Singapore’s national flag is included in the design.

Most hotels will require a Fire Safety Permit to be submitted before the commencement of the conference set up.


To encourage MICE Organisers around the world to host events in Singapore, the Singapore Tourism Board has an array of grants and incentives that planners are able to utilize . Singapore MICE Advantage Programme (SMAP) provides Conference Planners with incentives for both organisers and participants.


When organizing a conference in an overseas country, consider hiring a local planning partner. Having an experienced local partner will help significantly as the partner will be able to support working with local sub-contractors, government agencies and event venues, as well as understand the local event terminology and customs.

Vivien Hoe, Director of Happiness at TripleV 5 Top Tips to Help You Organize A Conference in Singapore at Eventinterface
Guest contributor Vivien Hoe, Director of Happiness, TripleV

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