Top Online Registration Myths

We’re in the business of providing online event management tools. Working with clients we have discovered a few myths related to online registrations, and in this post we are going to dispel them.

If you build it they will come

False. Its not enough to set-up the registration website, you have to promote it. Use social media outlets, email blasts and yes, print invites still play a role, especially in relation to fundraising events. Invite your audience members to share the event via social media outlets when they register. Make your audience part of your promotion team. Look for an online registration system that includes that social integration. Shameless plug, ours does.

I never have to work again

False. A robust event management system can help you manage better and allocate your time and resources more wisely.  However, you still need to plan and manage your event. A good system will let you more easily share event information, allow for attendees to manage their participation, and make certain administrative tasks simpler. Investing in Adobe InDesign isn’t going to magically provide you with great collateral for your organization. You still have to design it, using the tool that makes the process easier. Same counts for any event software.

I can’t afford it

True and False. It can be overwhelming for planners to look at the various options available to manage the registration and event process. As planners we look at what our specific event and organizational needs are. Based on those we can identify a handful of prospect tools. Then look at pricing. Are the providers charging a transaction fee and percentage per order, or a flat monthly subscription rate? Are the rates straightforward or are you nickeled and dimed? Some organizations prefer an easy to budget for monthly subscription fee that never changes, others prefer to pay transaction fees based on monthly transactions.

It’s important to look at the overall cost to the event. In research we’ve seen organizations spend $10 per transaction for an event at a total cost of $18,000 for the event one year, and $4,000 the next year on a subscription-based model for a similar event software, offering more features to the organization.

My audience isn’t sophisticated enough

Mostly False. It is important as a planner that you know your audience. Its unfair to assume your audience isn’t sophisticated enough to buy online. 80% of the online population has shopped online. In the United States alone there will be almost 200 million online shoppers in 2014, and that numbers continues to grow. 

True, not all audiences want to register online. Some may still want to send in an RSVP card or speak with someone to secure a registration or reservation. High-end donors may not want to secure a $25,000 table via an online reservation system. And don’t you want that personal relationship with them anyway?

When implementing an online registration system you need to allow for called-in, faxed -yes some people still use faxes- and mailed registrations.  Make sure your registration system has a box office-type feature where you can process registrations received from other than online in order to have a cohesive attendee database. Insure your online registration system is secure! Make sure your audience understands it is secure, and what you plan on doing with their registration data.

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