Selling Out Your Event. The Ins and Outs of Event Marketing.

One of our goals as Meeting and Event Planners is to sell out our events. Although we may not always be fully responsible for the marketing and public relations of our events, we do play an integral role in the development and execution of the campaigns.

In this virtual workshop you will learn how to develop and manage a sound marketing and public relations campaign for your events (yes, we know they are different and we’ll address that in the workshop). We will look at the tools and resources available and how to best utilize these to insure event success. You will leave this workshop with a good understanding and the ability to create sound marketing and PR campaigns for your events.  

Join Eventinterface CEO Al Wynant  and guests on Thursday, May 19 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time for this free virtual workshop. 


Eventinterface CEU Workshop Credits