Negotiate venue contracts like a pro

On many occasions people with no professional meeting planning experience are given the responsibility to plan a meeting or event. They have no hotel or venue relationships, no negotiation experience, and perhaps no budget to hire a professional planner. Unfortunately this can cost an organization dearly. Planners at times sign contracts not fully understanding the ramifications to the organization they represent.

As planners with more than 28 years of inter­national experience we have seen agencies and companies lose thousands of dollars by poorly negotiated or misunderstood contracts. Great hotel or venue contracts won’t save your event if it isn’t planned and marketed well, but it will start the planning process on a solid foundation.

In this virtual workshop you will learn the tips to making your negotiations with hotels, resorts and venues a breeze. You will learn how to negotiate and what is negotiable, how to read and understand contracts, and tips and tricks to get the best possible deal for your organization. After participating in this workshop you will have a better understanding and the ability to create winning venue partnerships.

Join us on Thursday, March 17 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time