Eventinterface vs. Eventbrite and Cvent

Meeting professionals always ask what sets Eventinterface apart from other meeting and event planning software solutions. First and foremost, Eventinterface has been created by meeting planners for planners. The team has been in the trenches and understands the pain points. There is a strong belief that events are about creating meaningful and long-term relationships for all participants. Aside of conducting a transaction or submitting an abstract, Eventinterface is about building engaged communities, it is about connecting participants with a brand, cause, product or service. It is about creating long-term engaged communities. It is about getting more ROI out of conferences and events, streamlining operations and reducing expense while increasing revenue.

Meeting professionals now have a multitude of choices. From simple, straightforward registration solutions like Eventbrite, to more full-featured solutions such as Cvent and Eventinterface.

Eventbrite is a great solution for event ticketing, simple conference registrations and social events, and it can be used free for free events. Paid events require a per transaction investment from the planner, starting at 2.5% plus $0.99 per ticket sold. All other needed functions related to planning, communications, logistics, engagement, content distribution and programming would have to be managed by other solutions. There are no long-term contracts, making Eventbrite an attractive solution for volunteer driven associations, social and community groups with small to medium sized events.

Cvent on the other hand is a more comprehensive solution that manages registrations, and other functions through the use of add-on modules and mobile apps. The pricing model is technically based on an edition or level of service, and is typically calculated on a per-registration cost with a commitment to a number of registrations over a period of time. Cvent does require an agreement, committing organizations or companies to an expenditure including possible implementation and maintenance fees. Cvent is a great solution for corporate and association events, mainly because of its integrations with third party services, such as Passkey, Concur and GetThere. The platform can easily manage simple to complicated registration processes.

Eventinterface is feature rich and easy to use. The platform brings together the most requested tools for registrations and attendee management, abstract management, program and itinerary creation, attendee engagement and content distribution, all from an easy to use dashboard. Eventinterface has been used for events as large as 32,000 attendees.

Eventinterface offers two pricing models. A month-to-month subscription plan or longer-term agreements offering reduced pricing.  Pricing is not based on the number of registrations you sell, those are always unlimited, pricing is based on the number of events you are accepting registrations or abstracts for at any given time. You always know exactly what your investment will be.


With Eventbrite you will be able to manage your registrations from your Eventbrite account. All other functions will have to be managed from other apps or solutions.

Cvent will offer you more functionality based on the edition you purchase, however about 27 features or integrations are not included in these editions and require an additional investment. This includes, but is not limited to email marketing, abstract management, appointment scheduler and mobile app.

With Eventinterface, all functionalities, including attendee management, event marketing, content aggregation and distribution, program building, content distribution, lead generation, and attendee engagement are all easily accessible from your event dashboard for both the planner and the attendee and are included. All subscriptions and annual plans include unlimited registrations. The LITE plan offers unlimited registrations, abstract collections and content distribution, while all other plans include all platform features. It is about getting more ROI out of conferences and events, streamlining operations and reducing expense while potentially increasing revenue.


Eventinterface is a subscription-based service and always includes unlimited registrations or abstract submissions. The subscription plan is based on the number of events you plan, if you are processing basic registrations, or need to implement other features such as event marketing, attendee engagement, abstract submissions and content distribution.

Lets compare the Eventinterface LITE plan, which allows planners to create event microsites, process unlimited Eventbrite.

Annual Association Conference with 300 attendees

300 attendees of which:

  • 175 register early at $275;
  • 95 register late at $325;
  • 30 register at the conference at $365;

Eventbrite cost:

Fees per registration start at 2.5% + $0.99.

  • Early registration total is $7.865 per registration for a total cost of $1,276.38
  • Late registration total is $9.115 per registration for a total cost of $865.93
  • Onsite registration total is $10.115 per registration for a total cost of $303.45

Total Eventbrite cost for this event is: $2,545.75

Eventinterface cost:

Assuming you subscribe to Eventinterface’s LITE Plan for 8 months, your total cost would be $145 per month for a total cost of $1,160, resulting in a savings of $1,385.75 compared to Eventbrite.

Should you subscribe for 12 months, your total cost would be $145 per month for a total cost of $1,740 resulting in a savings of $805.75 compared to Eventbrite.

Should you want to include multiple planners, email marketing, program and itinerary creation, and attendee engagement, an Eventinterface POWER Plan will be needed. Your total cost for the 8-month subscription would be $3,160, only $614.25 more expensive than Eventbrite for a full suite of services that would cost significantly more using third party add-ons with Eventbrite.

Cvent cost:

As far as Cvent is concerned the price a less straightforward and based on the edition and additional integrations you purchase. Based on feedback received from Cvent clients, the cost for a similar conference would be anticipated to be higher than the cost of using Eventbrite; however this would include additional services not available using Eventbrite.

Plan better, increase event revenue and grow your attendee engagement with Eventinterface. Request your demo.

Eventinterface Conference Registration Sample page

Sample custom conference registration page created using the Eventinterface event builder.


Have you ever thought of your events as communities? Merriam-Webster defines community as a group of people who have the same interests. Events attract people with a common interest. Are your events communities? And if so, wouldn’t you want your community to be the best possible? As stated at the beginning of this article, Eventinterface is about building engaged communities, it is about connecting participants with a brand, cause, product or service. It is about creating long-term engaged communities.

Eventbrite offers social integration allowing attendees to share via social networks that they are attending an event, inviting their connections to join, a straightforward solution that works well for social and community events.

Cvent, through the CrowdCompas app, you will be able to share schedules, speaker, and sponsor, and attendee information. This is a standalone app created for your conference at an additional expense.

Eventinterface offers a fully integrated and responsive engagement module that becomes active with your first registration and never ends. It invites attendees to connect with each other, schedule appointments, participate in discussions, view and engage with content. It allows the planner to create a community around the conference, brand, cause or product from the first registration on. The Eventinterface engagement tools allow you to include at home attendees pre-event or post-event, upping overall engagement and possible increase in revenue by selling post-conference access to content for a fee.

One solution offered as an add-on is the ability for attendees with one click to use their smartphones, tablets or laptops as microphones to interact with the speaker directly, as well as participate in polls from the program section in Eventinterface without the need to download another app on their devices,


One company using Eventinterface attracts on average 120 attendees to their biennial conference. They invite 500. The speakers are top-notch scientists presenting discoveries using the conference’s host technology. In 2014, the team decided to make an effort and build a community, opening up the conference post-event to the 380 prospect attendees not able to join in person.  The strategy evolved around posting meaningful and exclusive content, presentations and engaging peers to invite the at home attendees to buy into the online private conference community. A community champion spearheaded the effort and discussions.

The strategy paid off. The client was able to increase engagement from 23% to 83%. Event revenue nearly doubled. Creating the community and committing to being the best community clearly benefited the client and the event participants. The still active community continues to provide business intelligence on the use of the company’s technology, normally something the client would have to wait to gather at the next conference.


Planners have access to a lot of solutions to help support their efforts. We believe that the Eventinterface team created a full-featured, cost-effective and easy to use solution that can be used for any type of event by an individual planner, or a team of meeting planning professionals. We invite you to learn more by requesting your one-on-one virtual demo here.

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