Building Successful Hotel And Venue Partnerships

venue and hotel negotiation tips for event and meeting plannersOn many occasions volunteers are given the responsibility to plan a meeting or event. They have little or no experience, no hotel or venue relationships, no negotiation experience, and perhaps no budget to hire a professional planner. Unfortunately this can cost an organization dearly. Volunteer planners sign contracts not fully understanding the ramifications to the organization they represent. As a planners with more than 25 years of inter­national experience we have seen agencies lose thousands of dollars by poorly negotiated contracts. Great hotel or venue contracts won’t save your event if it isn’t planned and marketed well, but it will start the planning process on a solid foundation.

Hotel sales staff ought to play an educational role; however the opportunity of a long-term relationship can get thrown out with the bathwater in favor of a quick contract, allowing a sales person to meet monthly sales goals. Smart sales people will help planners negotiate a fair con­tract. This will create a win-win for both parties, with the planner having a sound contract, and the hotel establishing a long-term relationship and a possibility of future business. Sadly, not all hotel sales people fall into the last category. No disrespect intended, simply a reality in the industry.

This e-book outlines helpful tips to making your negotiations with hotels, resorts and venues a breeze, especially for volunteer event and meeting planners. Keep these tips in mind as you plan for your event and start the negotiation process. After reading this e-book you will have a better understanding and the ability to create a winning venue partnership.

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