How to Broaden the International Appeal of Your Event Planning Business

After achieving much success with a local customer base, many event planning and small businesses often decide to take the next big step by expanding internationally. Yet, it is essential not to rush in when moving from a domestic to an international market. We are therefore offering some helpful tips on how to broaden the international appeal of your event planning business.

1. Find an International Partner or Brand Ambassador

Try not to go it alone when expanding your event planning business internationally. It is essential to create a partnership with someone who can help you break into the market, such as an overseas business partner, mentor or brand ambassador.

Work alongside someone who not only understands the marketplace you are trying to break into, but who has a genuine passion for your brand. Also, consider what you want from a business partner or brand ambassador, which will allow you to set and stick to your expectations. This will ensure you do not work with the wrong partner, who may cause your event planning business more harm than good.

2. Hire the Right Team

Your employees will often make or break your success in an international market. Your event planning business’ needs are bound to change when advertising to a global market, which is why you will need a talented, flexible team who can help you overcome any cultural and language barriers. Otherwise, you may fail to provide the same standard of customer service, which could impact your overseas success.

3. Streamline Your Internal Process

Expanding internationally will take a great deal of time and resources, which is why you must streamline your internal processes to create a more productive event panning business. You must, therefore, build on your strengths and improve your company’s weaknesses, so you can create a more efficient and professional organisation.

For example, allow employees to work and communicate via the cloud with the help of Bytes, who can provide Office 365 that can offer Microsoft Office apps, unlimited email, HD video conferencing and a unified eDiscovery centre, plus more. You can also plan your events and work anywhere in the world on any device using the software, if you have an internet connection.

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4. The Right Marketing

Marketing to international territories will be a lot different to advertising domestically. You will have to consider different languages, time zones and, of course, cultural differences. It’s essential every marketing campaign is carefully considered with a culture in mind, or you may run the risk of offending your target market, which could signal the end of your international event planning business before you have even started.

5. Adjust Your Sales Tactics

You may have to alter your sales strategy or completely change a product or service to appeal to a foreign market. Alter your product range or how your offer your event planning services, and tactics to complement local tastes, customer demand and a gap in the market, while remaining true to the brand identity you have already established. Don’t be afraid to come up with new ideas, which might be the perfect fit for a target audience overseas.

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