Top tips to create and communicate the story of your event

On this episode of Event TALK, I am speaking with Ben Baker, President of Your Brand Marketing, about storytelling and how this applies to meeting and event professionals, and their events.

Listen to host Al Wynant and guest Ben Baker discuss the following:

  • Events have goals and meeting and event planners may get a little stuck on the logistics of the event, leaving the storytelling to the marketers. Where do planners fit, and how can they become an integral part of the storytelling?
  • The exercises or techniques meeting and event planners can employ to discover the story and then share that story
  • Examples of stories successfully woven through the lifecycle of the event.
  • The biggest mistakes meeting and event planners can make when it comes to developing and sharing the story, and how can those be avoided?
  • Top 3 tips or best practices on storytelling for meeting or event professionals?


Ben Baker, President of Your Brand Marketing. He is a corporate storyteller and helps clients engage audiences in meaningful ways. He is an expert in helping clients understand their brand and communicate it in ways that people find valuable. 

To learn more, visit Your Brand Marketing


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