Top Event Planning Tips For Your Next Company Meeting

Anyone in the business of events will know that event planning is a very rewarding but stressful job. There is so much to do, and an extreme amount of detail to keep track of as you plan your company meeting or event. Luckily, today we are sharing top tips you can use that will help you not only get through planning your next business meeting but will allow you to soar and do an outstanding job. And, always remember that satisfying your attendees is your number one goal.


You need strong organizational skills if you are going to succeed at planning meetings and events. Get your notes, files, and ideas in order as you work to plan a magnificent event for your participants. Order is your best friend in this case, and without it, you’ll quickly feel lost and begin to make mistakes. Make sure you understand all that is going on before you try to communicate tasks and deadlines to your team, or anyone else who is helping you pull the meeting or event together.


Technology is a lifesaver, use it! It will allow you to efficiently manage registrations, engage your attendees and have a spot to put your agenda for all to see. All you have to do is input or upload the information and point people who need to register to the online form. It is easy to make changes on the fly and keep all that is happening at the event in order.

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Although it is important to learn at a company meeting, you also want to make sure your attendees have fun. One idea is to challenge everyone to participate in an activity like the Escape Room Minneapolis or go out for a nice group dinner. Both options are engaging and entertaining, so you truly can’t go wrong. The point is that you want to schedule and book these activities early, especially when you are working with a large group of people. While the agenda and food are important, your participants will definitely base their evaluation of the meeting on their experience with the hosted activity.


Occasionally you are going to feel stressed as you plan and organize your company meeting or event. What you can’t do is let any negative feelings get the best of you and keep you from delivering an excellent event. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and managing your emotions outside of work so you don’t become overwhelmed. To be an event planner you have to be able to think on your feet and not get too wound up over small mishaps that can easily be adjusted and fixed. 


Use these event planning tips to help you make it through your next assignment. You will be more successful when you understand what is most important to your event and attendees, and take your time working through the details. Have fun with it and remember to pat yourself on the back and relax when it is all over.

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