Interviews with Planners – Apryl Roberts

In our latest interview with planners, Apryl Roberts, Owner of Memorable Events by Apryl, shares her event planning best practices and top tips for meeting and event planners.


With over 15 years of experience in event design and production, Apryl has an affinity for style and a keen eye for novel design which has earned her many industry awards and recognitions.


Memorable Events by Apryl specializes in event production and design, and experiential marketing. Apryl and her team successfully execute events for corporations, non-profit organizations, celebrities and brands on both the agency and client sides. Whether the event is an intimate gathering for two, or a large-scale festival, Apryl believes that the client and guests experience should be memorable.


What is the best advice you have ever received as an event planner?

The best advice that I have ever received as a planner is to always be a student of my craft. The event industry is ever changing and you need to make sure that you are growing and changing with it.


What is the most unique location you have ever planned an event at? What was great, what was challenging?

That would be a vegetable garden and chicken farm. The event was a donor reception for the local foodbank and helped to showcase the importance of healthy eating. The best thing about the event was that it helped to highlight a partnership with a local school that grows vegetables and collects fresh eggs for families in the community. It was easy to show attendees firsthand what this partnership looked like at the ground level.


The challenge was trying to create a party atmosphere without causing disruption to the hens as well as making sure that the guests were not intrusive to the gardens. Another challenge was that there were limited power sources in the space. I had to be creative by hanging lanterns in the trees and utilizing wireless lighting.


What advice would you give to someone entering the event planning industry today?

I would recommend that every event planner has two mentors, one mentor within the event planning industry, and another mentor that focuses primarily on being an entrepreneur. It is important to always be a student of your craft, but also be very proficient in overall business practices. Realize that over time, as you grow, your mentors may change as well.


What do you see as the most challenging aspect of being an event planner, and how do you overcome that challenge?

One of the most challenging aspects of being an event planner is that so many people feel that if they can set up a small meeting at work, or plan a get-together for friends, they are suddenly qualified to be an event planner. We professional planners often have to fight to legitimize our skills and knowledge in a world of "social media" planners.

How do you think the event industry will evolve in the next five years?

I think that our industry will continue to grow and advance in the use of event technology. Over time, more things will become virtual and one-on-one interactions will decrease amongst event planners, vendors and clients.


What makes you successful as an event planner?

I think that I am successful event planner because of the genuine relationships I build with my clients. I make it a point to truly understand their industry, their needs, and work with them to execute their mission. I truly invest myself into their cause.


In your opinion, what is the best and worst event industry trend of the year?

The best industry trend of the year is live streaming. I have held conferences that were live streamed and the virtual attendees are able to control camera angles from their computers as if they were really in the room.


The worst trend for me would be virtual event assistants. In my opinion the VA are so removed from reality that they do not correspond with the core values of my company and do not offer a memorable experience for my event attendees.


What is the best industry book that has helped you as an event planner?

Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide To Successful Meetings, Corporate Events, Fundraising Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Incentives and Other Special Events

What is the one tool or item you can't live without on a daily basis as you go about your event planning job?

My iPad, I take it everywhere I go. Most of my apps and documents seamlessly sync on it so there is little to no business interruption.



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