Inspiration Friday - Conference Giveaways

Surefire gifts your conference attendees will love.


Meeting planners can’t win the venue temperature wars. Some attendees will complain that the venue is too hot, others will share they are “freezing” at the same time. Events could provide branded wraps or jackets to attendees to combat the “too hot - too cold” temperature wars. This is an especially tricky thing to manage when a part of the audience is not used to living in air-conditioned spaces.  


Care packages make great gifts. Nothing is better than receiving a little swag bag filled with useful items. The bag should include healthy snacks, a reusable water cup, wet naps, hand sanitizer, if in a sunny location a small bottle of sunscreen, all-natural insect repellant when hosting outdoor events, and a favorite for tired feet – a soothing peppermint foot scrub.   


A decent insulated cup attendees can refill with water at the event. This gift helps “green” your event by eliminating the need for water bottles or disposable cups, and attendees have a useful gift to take home.  Cheap plastic sports bottles are not cool!


- High quality writing utensils that last the conference and longer.

- Slippers. Not all hotels provide slippers and travelers usually forget to bring these. Nothing feels better than kicking off your shoes after a long day at a conference and this gift helps attendees’ feet recover.

What are your favorite gifts of swag to give or receive at a conference? Best ever? Share with us on Twitter @Eventinterface or Facebook.