How to Market Company Events and Conferences

Many businesses thrive when it comes to events and conferences, whether it be attending them or hosting one themselves. For the latter, however, you need to market your event or conference and then also have high attendee engagement.

Are you wondering how to get people through the door for your next conference? Find out by reading the following guide.


Promote your next event on your company website. This could be on your homepage or on your blog – you could even have a dedicated webpage for upcoming events and conferences.

Of course, like every website, you will need to ensure that it works well – that means good navigation, speedy loading times, and a high uptime. If your website is suffering, then you may wish to consider a new host. Read the following guide on GoDaddy vs HostGator so that you can decide which is best for your business website.


Social media is a powerful tool all businesses should harness. Having social media profiles not only improves authority and makes you look more trustworthy, but it also makes your brand more engaging and consistent. When it comes to creating and maintaining a brand tone of voice, consistency is key.

You will want to plug your conferences without coming across as spam. Have a countdown, an easily accessible link to relevant information and tickets, and release special information like guests and speakers. You could also have a giveaway of free tickets so that there is an incentive to share the post and increase your reach.


Every industry has a superstar who everyone wishes to listen to and meet. Landing them to speak at your event/conference could be a major selling point and skyrocket your event’s popularity. It is also a solid marketing tactic, having such a popular person listed on your conference’s schedule.

Once you have landed guests and speakers, have them promote the conference too. It is in their best interest to do this, as it will also increase their popularity and notoriety. They can market the event on their social media but also sign off any emails with a template that mentions that they will be attending the event/conference.


What incentives can you offer for those that come to your event? You could offer a discount for a large group booking, as well as have free gifts available at the actual event. This could be something as simple as notepads, pens, or a cuddly toy of your mascot! Be sure to put your company logo on everything, though.


There will, most likely, be industry influencers within your sector, and landing them and having them advertise your event can make a massive difference. Not only can it increase engagement rates, but they can also provide hype around the event so that people become excited.

You will need to investigate the top influencers who are worth your time and money. Look for a strong following that is genuine – avoid any that buy their followers.