Event Risk and Crisis Management

On this episode of Event TALK, I am speaking with Juanita Gaynor, President and CEO of EABJ Consulting and Event Management, Inc. about risk and crisis management and how this applies to the planning and managing of events and conferences.

Listen to host Al Wynant and guest Juanita Gaynor discuss the following:

  • What does event risk and crisis management entail?
  • Where planners should start to evaluate risk.
  • How should planners bring all their event stakeholders to the table to evaluate and manage risk?
  • Best advice on how to prepare for a crisis and manage that crisis at the event.
  • What are the biggest mistakes planners can make and how to avoid them?



Juanita Gaynor, is the President and CEO of EABJ Consulting and Event Management, Inc. She is a result oriented professional with twenty plus years of accounting, small business development, event management and project coordination experience in the corporate, non-profit, insurance and engineering sectors. Ms. Gaynor is a detailed-oriented individual with the ability to multitask and meet deadlines on a consistent basis. 

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