Enough With The Ice Already

I don’t have anything against ice-sculptures. Amazing artists create stunning translucent sculptures. Sadly these creations are temporary, lasting only a few hours. You rarely see the artist at work, and pictures never do the piece justice. Recently I went on a quest to find a more unique and permanent way to bring logo artwork into events.

During my research I came across a few recreations of company logos used at events. At closer inspection I learned they were made of LEGO block. Having won a LEGO building competition many years ago I was intrigued. My search led me to Mariann Asanuma, a former Master Model Designer for LEGOLAND California.

Mariann found her fascination with LEGO at an early age when she received her first set at the age of six.  Born and raised in the San Diego area, she is a self-taught LEGO artist.  When LEGOLAND opened in Carlsbad, CA in 1999 she fought hard to get her dream job. It took her 4 years to prove herself and get the coveted position. Visiting the park, you will recognize some of her handiwork. She worked on the life-size pirate, a four foot long lady bug, the Miniland Las Vegas sign and many others.

Mariann continued her Lego journey becoming the world's first female freelance LEGO Artist and LEGO instruction author in early 2007.  She has authored two books “How to Build a Round Ball with Square Bricks!” and “Beyond the Ball”. Now Mariann dedicates herself to designing and building custom LEGO models, speaking and special events. She was  commissioned  by Warner Brothers Interactive to design a mosaic for their ”LEGO Batman the Video Game” Launch Party hosted at the Natural History Museum in New York City in September 2008.  Google hired Mariann to create their Chrome logo for their 4 year anniversary.  The sculptures reflected the client’s needs and have become more enduring centerpieces of the events they were built for.

Using LEGOs to create your event centerpiece may not work for all events. It is however an interactive, creative and investment outlasting any ice sculpture. Interested in incorporating LEGOs into your event? Learn more about Mariann and her services here.

Photographs courtesy of Mariann Asanuma.