2 Top Tips for Hosting a Memorable Company Event

Whether you choose to host a conference, a seminar, or even a customer appreciation evening, you should seek to ensure that your next company event lives long in the memory of all those that attend it. The more memorable this shindig of yours proves to be, the greater chance you will have of attracting partners and clients back to your business time and time again going forward.

Before you jump headfirst into your event planning, it’s important to note that memorable company events don’t just happen. If you don’t want your next event to prove highly forgettable, you must be inch-perfect with your preparation, you must be extensive with your organization, and you must be laser-sharp with your focus.

To find two specific things you must do to ensure that your next company event is a memorable one, be sure to read on.


Organizing your event in-house might be cost-effective, but it’s also incredibly risky. Unless your business is itself part of the hospitality industry, you and your employees aren’t going to know the ins and outs of party planning and, thus, you are going to be liable to miss important details. A member of your IT department might not, for example, be experienced enough in the hospitality field to remember that different guests have different dietary requirements. Should you hire a professional catering manager to oversee the food service that you wish to provide at your event, however, you can be sure that this type of detail would be remembered and, quite literally, catered for.

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the cost of hiring professionals to host and run your event for you. If you can’t afford to get professionals on board, then it might not be a good idea for you to host a company event at all.


That being said, your employees should each have a different role to play when it comes to organizing your company event. Even if it’s something as seemingly insignificant as remembering to pick up certain beverages, your employees should be on board with the task of ensuring that your event runs smoothly.

To ensure that your workforce remains fully engaged with your company event, be sure to heed the advice laid out in Inpulse’s employee engagement survey. Doing so will help you to clearly define the different event-organization roles that you set your employees. t will provide you with an insight into how each of your individual staff members are engaging with the event as the task of organizing it progresses.

By failing to put the above advice into practice, you will be liable to host a company event that proves highly forgettable. Should this be the case, you could end up doing some serious damage to your business’s brand and reputation. Be sure, then, to heed everything you’ve read above and make sure that your next event lives long in the memory of all those that attend it.