ABA Tucson
Communication Day

August 23, 2022| 8:30am - 4pm
Location: ABA Office
1661 N. Swan Rd, Suite 144, Tucson, AZ

Early-Bird Specials before Aug. 15, 7am:

ABA Members: $79 for 2 sessions

ABA Members: $99 for 3 or more sessions

Non-Members: $150 for 2 sessions

Non-Members: $200 for 3 or more sessions

After Aug. 15, 7am price increases:

ABA Members: $99 for 2 sessions

ABA Members: $129 for 3 or more sessions

Non-Members: $200 for 2 sessions

Non-Members: $250 for 3 or more sessions

Lunch is an additional $20


What does communication look and feel like as we return from summer and start a new season?
Come for the whole day or drop in just for the sessions that interest you.

8:30-9:00 Coffee and Networking

9-10:15 Session 1: Curing “Death by PowerPoint” for Online or In-Person Meetings

  • All professionals must be effective presenters to be successful, with the team, with prospective clients, or in front of a large audience. Are you and your colleagues being clear, concise, and convincing? Whether you want to gain some tips about how to make a winning speech or to communicate ideas better during everyday interactions, this is a session that you don’t want to miss. You’ll learn what you can do immediately to dramatically increase your presentation and public speaking skills.

10:30-11:30 Session 2: Leading Effective Meetings Online and In Person

  • How do you hold audience attention, cover everything on your list and achieve desired outcomes in meetings? This can be hard enough when everyone is in the same room and especially challenging when meetings are remote, and you can’t even see the people you are meeting with! In this session, we will provide tools to address the challenges that come with disparate opinions, conflicting goals and pressing timelines, whether meeting in person or online.

11:30-12:00 Lunch

12:00-1:00 Session 3: Elevator Pitching and Self Introductions

  • “What do you do?” That’s a question we have all surely had to answer countless times. Does your answer open the door to new business and relationships? Does it encourage discussion or shut it down? Whatever line of work you are in, every meeting is a potential opportunity to learn, connect and expand your contacts. In this session, we will give you the tools to develop answers to maximize opportunities, whenever meeting someone new.

1:15-2:30 Session 4: Gender-based Communication Differences in the Workplace

  • Why do male and female communication styles differ and how does that impact us in the workplace? What messages might women be sending to their male colleagues unintentionally and are there opportunities to be more intentional and direct? Gentlemen, what do these signals really mean and why might they be confusing to you? Women, find out how you can be more assertive at work, at home and even in your personal relationships.

2:45-4:00 Session 5: The Power of Mentoring

  • Have you ever had a mentor? How has that shaped who you are, and how can you be that person for others? This session covers the ways you can be most effective in mentoring, even if it feels like you don’t have time. And if you don’t currently have a mentor, how do you find the right one? Mentoring is critical in today’s environment, especially when it comes to retention. Let’s talk about it.

Deborah Ostreicher, MBA

Deborah Ostreicher is the owner of Distinguished Communications, an international firm that teaches professionals how to achieve their goals through effective communication.

Whether on stage or screen, Ostreicher’s engaging personality comes through. She lived, worked and performed overseas for a nearly a decade, followed by climbing her way up the corporate ladders of the high-tech and aviation industries to the executive suite.

From “Business Woman of the Year” to “Best Actress,” to “Athena” winner, the awards keep on coming. Now she is sharing her secrets with you on leadership, management and communication.

While you can read her articles in Huff Post or her tips in the book The Art of Effective Communication , you can hear them first-hand at this session.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Maryland; her MBA at the American University; and her certificate in Leadership Communications from Harvard.

She now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and is an advocate and mentor of at-risk through NPFY.org .