Important Information to know

  1. A “logoizer” tool is available on the site so that shoppers can view the different logos directly on various garment colors
    1. IMPORTANT: Flash Player is required to utilize the logoizer
i. Click on any garment on the home page ii. Click on the Flash Player link above the selected garment photo iii. Click on “accept” box at the top of your screen iv. Choose a different garment color to activate logoizer 1. 2 tabs will show up on the left corner of the garment photo a. Click on “Logo” tab to see available logos b. Click on desired logo to virtually place onto garment
  1. Alumni can also choose either tone-on tone (same color as garment) or tonal (a shade darker/lighter as garment) in addition the logos provided on the logoizer.
  2. Alumni located within the Phoenix area will not be charged shipping.
    1. An ABB representative will personally deliver the decorated garments to the alumni.
  3. Alumni located outside of the Phoenix metro area will invoiced separately for shipping costs.
  4. Typical turn-around time for alumni gear is 6-8 business days from purchase date.

ABA member, American Business Branding, is providing their best pricing to ABA Members! In addition to the already discounted ABA alumni and member gear, members will also receive a 10% discount on initial orders of custom apparel, safety gear, or promotional items from American Business Branding. If you have questions about ordering or might be interested in ordering apparel with your company logo on it, please contact:

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